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United States
- Furry - Positive - Abnormal - In love with four fox characters - Loves drawing - Somewhat naughty - Taking things out of context - Sin - Overdoses on Internet - Cross dominance - Veedeo gaimz - It's the 16's baby! -

After being inspired through the depths of the Internet and drawing a bunch of weird shenanigans throughout my childhood and adolescent years, I realized I was not normal in the mind. I'm different from everyone else in the family, friends find me to have an interesting yet awkward imagination. Now as an adult, I may take control of it, but I'm happy for the mind I have. I think and speak about nonsense a normal person would not understand or find appealing at all. Of course, who wants to be normal? It seems boring no? Though I may draw sin at times, have "unpolished green" ideas, half my brain is innocent and clean while the other half sits in the gutters l3. My username seems to be named after a multinational video game company and some mistaken HTF for Happy Tree Friends, and yet with all that, I still live the life of many others. Studied, worked, studying at this moment, eat, sleep, etc. Hope to become a graphic designer someday, or better yet, an animator. Anyway, I'm proud of who I am and what I do. You may even find out more about me if you get to know me better, who knows.. I might even confuse you, somehow, lol. And don't worry, I don't judge and I don't bite.

Unless you ask me to. >:3

"He's just a typical person who keeps himself entertained and motivated by making a bunch o' lines on paper, creating from such that goes on through that little head of his. Whether its a TV show, video game, movie, or something unrelated. If he likes it, he'll draw it once or maybe twice. If he falls for it, he'll honor it and draw it as many times as he wants, to his heart's content."

You can also find me in these two wonderful places:

- Tumblr: ( <-- Socializing, Wips, NSFW, and random shiz).

- Fur Affinity:… (<-- Mostly NSFW)

(I have a YouTube account and a Twitter account, but they are extremely inactive at the moment and there's not really much.. yet).

Five Nights At Freddys Fan Button by albertweskerswifeHappy Tree Friends Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Crossover Fan Button by ButtonsMakerClassic Sonic Fan Button (Resubmit) by ButtonsMakerResident Evil Fan Button by ButtonsMakerZip Zip Fan Button by Na-manga-full-zipzip Minecraft Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

Rockstar Games Stamp by Jazz-KamelskiDashie stamp by ShaneHuskyVanossGaming stamp by maltron66
Five Nights at Freddys 2 Stamp by EvArtsI DON'T CARE -STAMP- by Togekisspika35kedamono stamp 2 by K0MAS
adult swim stamp by oh-that-guyNintendo stamp by AcejinjoGumby stamp by bitterrose6-gumitch

YAS! The great and powerful Frido speaks!!! <3
Let's take a listen.
Apparently going hiatus is only the beginning. From the day it started and now, I will not have internet access in my current residence, thus will be leaving me with limited access, such as school for example. My phone contains cellular data but is not unlimited, and cycles every 20th of each month. Smh, but it wont be forever, I'm just not sure when. Anyway, its not like I haven't been inactive on this site already. 

Active Days
There's a tiny bit of good news I suppose. Here are the days when I'll be online:

And sometimes Saturdays.
These are exactly my same active days of when I used to upload FNAF stuff, (except it was Tuesdays and Fridays, but.. that's besides the point) so If you've watched me throughout that time, you'll know how that goes. 

Skype and Steam  
I've had these for a while already, but for anyone who wants to add me on these, feel free, and I'll be in touch once I can get online. 

My Skype name is sega-htf or Freedawlin. (Which ever of the two names you enter). 

My Steam user name is Sega-HTF (of course) Default name is xSega-HTFx. 
The image you see below is the icon. Any other icon you may run into on Steam is considered a fake account. 

Sadoose by Sega-HTF

In Conclusion
My hiatus was not affected by friends or anyone on the Internet, and is not the fault of anyone either incase they have felt ignored or was unaware of my lack of submitting work and responding to comments. 

One more thing, here's something "art related" ^^' 

Speed Paint: 

That's all for now.


Hello everyone! 
Now I don't usually do this, but as you all know I have gone completely hiatus. I want to let you know that I'm still walking on this earth, and will be returning to DA by the 20th of this month (July). See you real soon with some more drawings that are yet to come. ^^
Zip Zip - Chicken by Sega-HTF
Zip Zip - Chicken
Good thing we're not chickens. (I make it sound like a terrible thing).

Was inspired by a comic found on Facebook.

Things have been slow lately, I've been drawing slowly and still no internet access at home. Time will tell when.

Just try to keep your chin up. ^^
Coming home from school like... by Sega-HTF
Coming home from school like...
I got chu fam.

(Nono, I didn't arrive from school just now, that was 5 hours ago. But yeh, that's my after school face).

Added some unseen drawings in btw, some were from 2012 and 2013, and some are now, I'll leave the guessing to you. Have some nostalga.

It's good for you.

Oh shiz, comments are stacking again, I need to get on that tomorrow. Sympathy away! Forgive me, I'm sleepy.
FNAF - Brony Foxy by Sega-HTF
FNAF - Brony Foxy
Cause Foxy discovered that friendship is just like chocolate-whiskey.

At least it's keeping him away from his "Me Time."

Oh, and I apologize for my absence on Monday 5/16. There'll be some more FNAF by the rest of this week.

Just buy me some time. :-P
Gift Art - WJS Doodles by Sega-HTF
Gift Art - WJS Doodles
Wooo what the hell took me so long to finish this? Funny story, heh, I was suppose to have this done on Sammy's day. You all know right? Uncle Sam's day? March 21st? The day where Sam takes the dough from you, but instead takes your stuff for "spoof purposes?"

I'm kidding, but boy how that would be l3. Right, the 21st of March was his birthday, so on that day I just sat there, thinking whether I should make him something, but with him having so much potential and enthusiasm in himself and his artwork, how could I resist? Sounds very similar to someome I know. <u<

Anyway Sam, didn't want to say much here, you recieve a lot love love and attention that you may have heard em' all before, lol.

Now I know for a fact you can't have pie alone right? I'm pretty sure that would go good with a nice glass of warm milk. Huehuehue.

Samuel Fursona/Self-Character (c) wolfjedisamuel

Artwork done by me

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Hey sega scott released a new trailer for the upcoming FNAF Sister location game. And Funtime foxy/Maggie is gonna be in it. Check it out.…

Also if you didn't know update 2 for Fnaf world come out about a week ago. Which includes a New dark area, unique minigames, and voice acting.
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