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Which FNAF Character (in my design) do you like the most? 

84 deviants said Foxy
44 deviants said Maggie (Mangle)
26 deviants said Bonnie
20 deviants said Toy Bonnie
11 deviants said Chica
10 deviants said Freddy
8 deviants said Toy Chica
2 deviants said Balloon Boy
1 deviant said Toy Freddy
No deviants said Marionette


Minecraft Skins - FNAF by Sega-HTF
Minecraft Skins - FNAF
Yeah, Minecraft woo! Lol, no seriously, what's Sega doing on MC? Thats how I felt when I created these skins out of nowhere. But yeah, I know you guys are expecting something that's drawing-related. This is certainly off topic from my traditional stuff and honestly, I've been constantly drawing a lot lately where its been kinda pushing me to where I feel like I'm being forced to draw FNAF stuff. Now, don't get me wrong, I love drawing FNAF, and I have quit an endless list of ideas, the problem is, I can't seem to draw very well when I'm not in the drawing-mood.

Any-who... I wasn't able to add a hook on Foxy, sadly. The skin creator I used doesn't seem to have an option where I can have an item only on one arm, apparently it copies to the other side. Same with the legs. For the meantime, I only stayed with creating the two foxes, because I know a lot of you out there like Foxy and Maggie. (Yeah, I also happened to create a skin of me as well, just for the heck of it). XD Pffftt Don't worry about that guy. <w<

Hopefully there aren't any shots being fired because of this XP. *Hands are up*

These screenshots were taken on Minecraft Pocket Edition, Version Alpha 0.10.5 for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.
Texture Pack is Soartex Fanver.
The world is pretty much a world I made a few years ago. 
What If... by Sega-HTF
What If...
Lel, what if the game happened to have a mode containing my portrayals of the animatronics? Would you try it? If so, what AI level would you have for a specific character? Or for each. Feel free to say if you like. :3

Note, that you're dealing with my style of the characters, meaning that you're going to deal with a troll/stalker, an MLG (aka a 12 year old kid who claims that he is a hardcore gamer), 2 perverts, a dazzed out pirate, a party animal, one that cant see very well, a "say it - dont spray it," and maybe love at first sight. Oh, and one that just sits there and does absolutley nothing. Unless you start having hilucinations, which I've never had before. XP

(Sorry, I feel like I might have rushed it, you might be able to tell if you look at it for no longer that 1 minute XP)
Maggie (Mangle) - Toddler's POV by Sega-HTF
Maggie (Mangle) - Toddler's POV
Just a little something something I made for Half-dude

Note that the drawing is not a request, but more of a gift art instead. A while back, him and I were thinking, how would Maggie look if she were to be seen at a toddler's POV (point of view) and this probably might leave you guys questioning why I would do this. Well, my curiosity about Maggie started kicking in again, leaving me with the advantage to try and draw her out in a way where I thought it wasn't really possible, because I've never drawn characters in large or small POV's. It was quite tricky when I was sketching her out, but meh. X3 

I know I haven't been as active as I used to be. Been having a lot of school work and recent projects lately, leaving me with no time to spare. Doesn't mean I'm leaving, nono. ^^

Never OwO

I haven't forgotten about the doodles. I'm plannig to have more than just 1 doodle up and submitted, so expect there to be a few coming in, all at once. 
Hey everyone, Sega here, I just wanted to let you all know that a very amazing artist known as Half-dude :iconhalf-dude: has created a fantastic comic for my style of Mangle, known as Maggie with her very own storyline. He deserves full credit for making the comic btw, I pretty much only helped with the info about her, so he should deserve some feedback. Trust me, you don't wanna miss out on this. ^^ And Some of you will be pretty surprised about Maggie and her hidden little secret.

Title: The After Show
By: Half-dude
The Aftershow by Half-dude

Make sure to read his description for more info. X3


Sega-HTF's Profile Picture
Sega the Night Guard
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Okay...Hmmm, Where do I Start.....Umm, idk I love the internet, if it wasn't for that, Idk where I would be right now lol.

I'm a furry and before u ask, yes, I like yiff of course and I also draw some, but that's rare doe. I'm known as a (vulpine) which is a Fox, and yeh I know cause I've tried various tests and I always end up with vulpine.

Drawing is probably the only skill I have lol, whether it comes to mostly anything that I find interesting on the internet, if I like it, I'll draw it and yeh, whatever I draw, I won't have to copy it again cause for some reason I'll have it memorized. I don't draw exactly what I see doe, I draw things my way, as if I was changing the words on an essay. And perhaps I'll start taking advantage and use them as crossovers with other characters or characters I've created, I also use them for comedy just to make people or myself laugh cause that's what I like to do ;) But yeh, just name a thing and I'll probably say, "yeh I've drawn that before."

I own a PS3 but so far I haven't been going online as much as I used to, don't get me wrong, I love video games but not many of us are active and we don't usually play anymore as we used to. So yeh it's pretty boring, I should probably get a PC one day or another console, only time will tell.

TBH! I'm a nerd and I don't mean a smart ass, I'm into a lot of nonsense and things that people don't find important at all, sometimes I collect things whether it's Characters from video games, or anything that's furry related or reffered to a popular tv show or perhaps something from the internet, I would cosplay one day if I ever save money, conventions are awesome depending what kind they are, and yeh a fursuit would be nice thank you.

Overall, I like to go out with friends, when I have money, socializing is legit whether it's irl or the internet. I don't smoke, I'm not a potty either, sorry, and I hate hot cheetoes, but if u decide to invite me for a few drinks, that's acceptable. Be warned! I gain too much confidence and I'll never shut up lol I'll turn into happy person with love and a passion for fun.

Anyway, I'm loving life right now and so far it's been doing the same to me, which is loving me back, so yup I'm just an average person with a crazy ass fantasy running around my head, hopefully I can bring it out soon.


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Dont worry, ill just leave this here ^^, i dont need points urgently, but if you love to donate a little, feel free, or not, its kewl :3, it wont affect me from what i love doing either. I'll thank you so much if you donate doe, thanks! ^w^

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Quite frankly, yes, I've been pretty curious about the Toy and Modern animatronics looking in human form. Though, im not really a big fan of the FNAF characters in their human forms, i still have an urge to see how some of my portrayals of them would turn out. ^^
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