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Pre - Mangle by Sega-HTF
Pre - Mangle
So, I decided to draw some more scary Mangle for all of you, because I was getting a few messeges and comments stating that I should draw some more of her, and how she would look before she was dismantled. I see many of you seem to like this character a lot. I for once am not capable with fighting my fears, listing that she is one of them. <.< Lol no matter how cute and adorable a person can make Mangle look, I'd still find her rather scary, but I will say this though, she isn't a bad character and she's more of an interesting one too, but boy, does she give me the spooks and shivers, so I guess it's best for me to avoid her. XP

Which Mangel do you like more?

My answer would be they're both creepy ;w;

Enjoy ^^
Heights - FNAF1 by Sega-HTF
Heights - FNAF1
Here's Sega and all my style of the modern animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's 1 including their heights:

Sega-HTF: 5'-11"
Foxy: 6'-3"
Chica: 5'-8"
Bonnie: 5'-10" (7' with ears)
Freddy: 5'-7"
Golden Freddy: 5'-7"

Now I know you may be surprised at their heights, because animatronics are usually tall, but for some reason I've told myself thinking, "hey why not I just give them an average height?" so I did. Not sure why, but I've always thought Foxy would be the tallest and Freddy to be the shortest XD (well, in my very own head canon that is).
As for Golden Freddy, I've always saw him to be more of a ghost or a spiritual animatronic who's basically inmortal and also related to Freddy as a brother, even though he's actually a hallucination, he seems as if he haunts the restuant, who knows really, so many theories lol. XP
This is the first time I've ever drawn GF, so I might make a few changes on him later in the future.
As for now I hope you all enjoy, and let me know what you think about their heights, or up to where you reach them at. I would be stunned if anyone reaches or passes Foxy's height X3.
Well then, expect there to be a few comics comming soon and I'll be working on this for the toy animatronics aswell. ^^

Happy Holidays by Sega-HTF
Happy Holidays
Hai everyone, I decided to join a Christmas Contest, and I've noticed I missed out on making a Halloween and Thanksgiving Drawing. I kinda wanted to make it up to you, my fellow watchers. So I told myself, "okay I'll give it a shot" and it seems like a lot of fun.

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays throughout the years, everything just seems jolly for me, the carols, the smell of scented pinecones and... Foxy shouting in the distance?! DEAR LORD! I woul've done the same if that ever happened to me. I wouldn't call Mangle a Kracon though lol XP Foxy has been watching too many pirate movies. Even though Mangle seems to be the only one with so much Christmas Spirit; probably from all that eeg nog she's had (who knows what was in that drink, which made her so loose <.<) that certainlly doesn't mean the other guys aren't having as much fun as she is, they seem to be enjoying themselves, right? *looks at their faces* I look at myself (the guard) and I dont seem to be okay with what just happened, I tend to get really overprotected when something happens to Foxy. I just hope he deosn't get any nightmares, or becomes a Grinch and thinks Christmas is bad. X'D

Hope you all enjoy this drawing as much as I do, think of it as an early present, and I hope you've all been nice this year, Santa Freddy might just leave something special in your stockings during Christmas (heck, there probably just going to be pizza coupons... again XP) Or maybe Foxy might leave you some Booty ;3 Ummm anyway, have a great Chritsmas. I know I'm gonna have some fun this year, not as much as Mangle though. Well, It is what it is, the most wonderful time of the year. ^w^         
Bon Bon Bon by Sega-HTF
Bon Bon Bon
I'm sure you've noticed that I've slightly updated and changed some of the Bonnie characters a little, these are going to be their official look for now on ^^

Hmmm, imagine walking into a room and you find the three Bons arguing and fighting. I would probably just walk away quickly, who knows how much chaos these three can cause, especially when theres electric guitars involved. I think Freddy might be the only one who can stop and break up the fight X3. Quick question btw. If these guys were to ever cross over eachother, who would win in a brawl? My answer would be Withered/ No Face Bonnie, I just think he's been through way more shiz than the other two, and he might know a thing or two about kicking someones butt XP. I see Toy Bonnie as the quick and the menacingly one, Modern Bonnie as the person who wouldn't really get in fights, but has a very bad temper if anyone were to piss him off, and Withered Bonnie, who doesn't have time to think and can pretty much F anything up. But who do you think will win?

Just to keep you up to date: My next future artworks will involve Comics and Doodles of the Toy and Withered Animatronics. If you liked this drawing and wanna see the other characters in a group image, let me know and I'll see if I can fit those in my schedule. Oh, and one more thing... a Christmas Drawing will be here soon ^w^ Enjoy.
Foxy The Pirate - FNAF by Sega-HTF
Made by: Me :iconsega-htf:

-Here's some fan art/commission art made by awesome artists ^w^ many thanks to those who took some of their time to make my Foxy. Feel free to check those out.
(Sega-HTF's) Foxy the pirate by thefanofsonic2
Made by: :iconthefanofsonic2: Digital and painting was made by: Ela-Nyan

FNAC: Foxy, foxy, and foxy? - 4extra by Pineapplepansears
Made by: :iconpineapplepansears:

Sega-HTF's Foxy by InkyBlackKnight
Made by: :iconinkyblackknight:

-Before i start talking about My Foxy, heres a little something:

It was September the 2nd, 2014
when I first discovered Five Nights at Freddy's from a few friends and the internet. I was then hooked on the game, I read various theories about it, and browsed fanart. After a few days of researching, I began to feel interests to this, pirate fox, character. I'm not gonna lie, he's  pretty attractive ;3. I fell in love with the game and I decided to return to Deviant Art. I had only a few watchers at the time (about 10) so I wasn't sure if drawing FNAF was going to keep me on DA, but it certainly did. Thanks everyone, for keeping me here on this website ^w^. Right! thats enough about me, on with Foxy.

(NOTE: My version of Foxy has his own backstory).

My design of Foxy is named the same as the actual Foxy (The one in FNAF) But many would name him as, Sega's Foxy, Sega's Version of Foxy, or Sega-HTF's Foxy. He's a 21 year old, dark oranged, 6 foot (with 3in.) animatronic furry vulpine, with a 3 and a half foot bushy tail, and has the personality of a pirate (somewhat). He uses his pirate accent when hes either performing or when hes in the mood; he will mostly use some words all the time in a scentence. His voice is a little different. He doesn't have the deep pirate voice that you'd usually hear in pirate movies, he has a medium tone voice. He wears a dark grey used coat, with a red and white stripped shirt underneath, and a red scarf is tied around his neck. For leggings, he wears torn olive pants (almost similar to the pants Foxy has in the game) and wears one grey converse shoe on his left foot. He wears only one shoe on purpose for he feels more comftorable having one foot shoeless, the same feeling you would get when you're sleeping with one leg sticking out of your sheets. What's special about my Foxy is he's able to detach his hook and replace it with any item he carries around in his coat. He carries 4 items; a knife, surgery saw, a tazer, and uhhh... something else. And yes, once hes attached any of the 4 items on to his hook base, it will then operate. He usually uses the items when hes in danger, with enemies or self defense. He may also use them for toucher, incase somebody tries to piss him off. He will warn the person at first, if that person continues, he will start releasing his stress on the person or his surroundings, he'll then use his items to try and scare the person. Foxy will then enjoy the toucher with laughter and enjoyment. So its best if no one messes with his moods; hes neutral. His fears are crowds of fangirls and Mangle. His favorite color is red. His favorite food, besides pizza, is chicken with ketchup, whether its fried or grilled. He drinks, occasionally (not as much as Freddy) He also likes to drink milk, when its not cold. When hes bored in his room (Pirate Cove) he spends his time watchig television or movies. Or he'll start to play with his pirate set of toys, and do... other things. His personality is somewhat energetic and curious. He gets nosy and loves to stick his nose into places where they don't belong, and can also be sneaky. He has a happy attitude and loves to be around his friends. He is friendly and kind to many; and he's gotta love them kids. The only downside with him is he's usually lonely most of the time, due to him being a fox, he has the urge to do things, naughty things, and his only friends he sees everyday are the other animatronics that work in the pizzeria. He is put out of order, but that doesn't mean he might have caused the bite of 87, who knows, maybe it was somebody else 0.0 Even though Foxy is to be closed up behind curtains it doesn't mean he will give up on himself, knowing that there are still people who care about him. One day Mike, the old security guard, filed a complaint and wrote a letter to the manager, stating that the fuzzy characters wanted to do devestating things to him. Saying that two want him dead, one kept swearing at him, and the other one wanted to make a "move on him" ;3 He finished writing the note with the words, "Good luck finding someone who owns a power generator, cause i quit!" And thats where a new person came a long. The mysterious guard was known as Alexander Denizen, but everyone calls him Sega. He was always prepared, with a power generator and gallons of water guns, like if he knew what was going to happen. From there, the animatronics got a bit curious to know who the new guy was, they were assuming that he was a furry, due to being on the phone talking about anthropomorphic related things and drawing when both doors were shut. They decided to become friends with him. As for Foxy, he saw something different about the security, Foxy wanted to be more than just a friend to him.

-Thats all I have for now X3 if you like to leave a question, or an opinion about my Foxy, feel free to comment. Thanks.


Sega-HTF's Profile Picture
Sega the Night Guard
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Okay...Hmmm, Where do I Start.....Umm, idk I love the internet, if it wasn't for that, Idk where I would be right now lol.

I'm a furry and before u ask, yes, I like yiff of course and I also draw some, but that's rare doe. I'm known as a (vulpine) which is a Fox, and yeh I know cause I've tried various tests and I always end up with vulpine.

Drawing is probably the only skill I have lol, whether it comes to mostly anything that I find interesting on the internet, if I like it, I'll draw it and yeh, whatever I draw, I won't have to copy it again cause for some reason I'll have it memorized. I don't draw exactly what I see doe, I draw things my way, as if I was changing the words on an essay. And perhaps I'll start taking advantage and use them as crossovers with other characters or characters I've created, I also use them for comedy just to make people or myself laugh cause that's what I like to do ;) But yeh, just name a thing and I'll probably say, "yeh I've drawn that before."

I own a PS3 but so far I haven't been going online as much as I used to, don't get me wrong, I love video games but not many of us are active and we don't usually play anymore as we used to. So yeh it's pretty boring, I should probably get a PC one day or another console, only time will tell.

TBH! I'm a nerd and I don't mean a smart ass, I'm into a lot of nonsense and things that people don't find important at all, sometimes I collect things whether it's Characters from video games, or anything that's furry related or reffered to a popular tv show or perhaps something from the internet, I would cosplay one day if I ever save money, conventions are awesome depending what kind they are, and yeh a fursuit would be nice thank you.

Overall, I like to go out with friends, when I have money, socializing is legit whether it's irl or the internet. I don't smoke, I'm not a potty either, sorry, and I hate hot cheetoes, but if u decide to invite me for a few drinks, that's acceptable. Be warned! I gain too much confidence and I'll never shut up lol I'll turn into happy person with love and a passion for fun.

Anyway, I'm loving life right now and so far it's been doing the same to me, which is loving me back, so yup I'm just an average person with a crazy ass fantasy running around my head, hopefully I can bring it out soon.

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from:Human Mangle (idk why but yeah) to : Foxy T
Sega-HTF Featured By Owner Edited 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awwee, Foxy just gets too nervous when she's around him. (Same thing with me, when she tries to get in the office.) <w<

Great Job btw. ^^
Do you still use the mouse?
MeganTheNightwacth Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  New member
yup... And thx!
LillianThePlatypus Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey there!

Just thought I'd drop by and tell you how much I love your FNAF art!

I adore how you draw the characters in your own version. It looks awesome! Also, I find your Mangle hilarious! You give her such a funny little personality! I love it!

Here, have a watch :heart: 

Also, have a Merry Christmas! 
Sega-HTF Featured By Owner Edited 13 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why Thank You. Im always happy to see people who love my artwork of FNAF, and the characters too. Lol yeah Manlge can be creepy and curious about evrything, not to mention what happens when she finds sweet pastries. (In general, she cant seem to keep her hands and cables to herself) XD But i see thats the funny part about her.

Thanks For the Watch btw!

And Merry Christmas to you too ^^
Watermelonsaregreen Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Traditional Artist
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Hey, sorry about that. Christmas eve is near so ive been busy lately, and i was getting a drawing done today. Note me when you can if you need to tell me something.
FoxyDuhPirate Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your stuff is so epic dude 
Sega-HTF Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks, it means a lot, hearing that from Foxy l3
FoxyDuhPirate Featured By Owner 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your welcome :) 
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