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Which FNAF Character (in my design) do you like the most? 

99 deviants said Foxy
76 deviants said Maggie (Mangle)
28 deviants said Bonnie
26 deviants said Toy Bonnie
13 deviants said Freddy
12 deviants said Chica
12 deviants said Toy Chica
2 deviants said Toy Freddy
2 deviants said Balloon Boy
No deviants said Marionette


Tails and Two Foxes - Crossover by Sega-HTF
Tails and Two Foxes - Crossover
Foxy Emoticon Icon GIF - Five Nights at Freddy's : Yar Har l3
Tails Sprite Animation 1 : Crap! What could be in that coat of his? 0_0
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Mangle Foxy - Icon GIF :*squeals* What a cute wittle foxy woxy~ OOO I could just eat chu up like a sponge cake right about now.
Drunk Tails Icon : Ah! Please, I really do hope your're joking ma'am.  

Lol Tails, what the hell did I get you into? Better yet, why? That, I can explain. You see, :iconssflowerss: came up with an interesting idea, asked if I had the time to try out something new, which was to draw a crossover, containing my favorite Sonic character with my favorite FNAF character. Apparently my favorite FNAF character would have to be Foxy and... <w< what? Yes, and of course Mangle, you've heard it here first peeps, I love both Foxy AND Mangle, I wanted to be fair with that, and so I added both. X3  Surprisingly, Tails is my favorite sonic character, I know not many are really into Tails, but ever since I became a fan of Sonic, which was about 6 years ago, Tails has always been my favorite, I sorta like him a little too, no homo. XD Sorry I didn't add any text bubbles in the drawing, I would've had room in the first panel, but not for the second panel, so I thought it would be best to leave the texts behind. Oh, as you can see, I haven't left the traditional side. I'm planning on doing a comic involving FNAF 4 right after a few more drawings I promised about. Good news is, I'll have plenty of time, now that my summer break has just started. ^^
It's Me! by Sega-HTF
It's Me!
Wondering what's my favorite FNAF game? Or how I would look if things would get serious? No? Okay. CX
Yes, I know... this isn't really a "big deal" drawing, of course. Just pretend you didn't see this. ^^
Maggie and Quintin  by Sega-HTF
Maggie and Quintin
After working on some projects for Architecture (woof ><) finally I had some time to spare. Oh, and I think I'm getting a little addicted to digital art now, hah. I literally feel so relieved that I finally drew one of my favorite couples in Fnaf, I know Quintin's not an actual character from the series, but lawd this ship is too damn good, that it even got me wondering why I have not drawn them together yet. How do I say this, umm, well of course I would be evil enough to not show Bunny's full body, seriously I'm not evil though, the poor fuzzy bun just wasn't tall enough, giving Quintin a mad look. Damn, I'll be honest, I believe Bunny hates anyone who happens to get too close to Maggie, bet I'm in his list of hates, but hey if he hates me, eh, I find that cute. XP 

Yes! Lol, indeed you must be laughing your butts off, or not. I actually wanted to make this drawing a little, "giggly" Thought why not draw Maggie and Quintin so close, that Maggie would be rubbing all over Quintin, thus making her hair nearly covering up his left eye, and suddenly Maggie does the same due to Quintin's nose CX I find it both cute and funny. One thing that made me giggle the most was for some reason, Quintin's "Smiley Face" button got me a bit creeped out, XD Not in every drawing though, just this one, guess I might have drawn it looking so... evil, as if its just staring into my soul. I dunno really, thats just me. Ah, well, there's still a comic at the works btw, just letting you all know. 

Quintin and Bunny both made by: Half-dude
Maggie made by: Me
Artwork done by: Me

FNAF: Scott Cawthon
(Note: This isn't a "news update" journal, sorry :/) 

Hello again. ^^ If there are any Minecraft players out there, who are seeking to use my version of the FNAF characters, then you should probably read this. So, I finally decided to upload the skins you've might have seen in my latest galley. Which is this one: 
Minecraft Skins - FNAF by Sega-HTF

I have not went back to creating more skins, so I only have Foxy and Maggie available for the meantime. Modern Bonnie and Toy Bonnie are actually WIP. Not sure if I should make more characters available as a Minecraft skin, let me know if I should, and which character you would like to see next. 

Maggie Mangle Skin:…
Foxy Skin:…
Bonnie Skin:…
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Sega the Night Guard
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Okay...Hmmm, Where do I Start.....Umm, idk I love the internet, if it wasn't for that, Idk where I would be right now lol.

I'm a furry and before u ask, yes, I like yiff of course and I also draw some, but that's rare doe. I'm known as a (vulpine) which is a Fox, and yeh I know cause I've tried various tests and I always end up with vulpine.

Drawing is probably the only skill I have lol, whether it comes to mostly anything that I find interesting on the internet, if I like it, I'll draw it and yeh, whatever I draw, I won't have to copy it again cause for some reason I'll have it memorized. I don't draw exactly what I see doe, I draw things my way, as if I was changing the words on an essay. And perhaps I'll start taking advantage and use them as crossovers with other characters or characters I've created, I also use them for comedy just to make people or myself laugh cause that's what I like to do ;) But yeh, just name a thing and I'll probably say, "yeh I've drawn that before."

I own a PS3 but so far I haven't been going online as much as I used to, don't get me wrong, I love video games but not many of us are active and we don't usually play anymore as we used to. So yeh it's pretty boring, I should probably get a PC one day or another console, only time will tell.

TBH! I'm a nerd and I don't mean a smart ass, I'm into a lot of nonsense and things that people don't find important at all, sometimes I collect things whether it's Characters from video games, or anything that's furry related or reffered to a popular tv show or perhaps something from the internet, I would cosplay one day if I ever save money, conventions are awesome depending what kind they are, and yeh a fursuit would be nice thank you.

Overall, I like to go out with friends, when I have money, socializing is legit whether it's irl or the internet. I don't smoke, I'm not a potty either, sorry, and I hate hot cheetoes, but if u decide to invite me for a few drinks, that's acceptable. Be warned! I gain too much confidence and I'll never shut up lol I'll turn into happy person with love and a passion for fun.

Anyway, I'm loving life right now and so far it's been doing the same to me, which is loving me back, so yup I'm just an average person with a crazy ass fantasy running around my head, hopefully I can bring it out soon.


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