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He Can Jump? - FNAF2 by Sega-HTF
He Can Jump? - FNAF2
Saw the trailer for FNAF2  on Tuesday (day it was out) and i noticed the ending of the trailer which seemed like Foxy jumps into your face lol. Well, when i first saw that, i was telling myself, "hmmmm...Senpai?" Then it hit me! i had to draw something related to the trailer, except in a different way. So, i used my version of Foxy instead of the new, different looking Foxy, and decided to finish off the epic jump he does in the trailer, but in my perspective. Lmao! Nailed It!!! XD

By the way, i wont change my FNAF characters at all, cause i see most of you like them just the way they are, and i like the way i design them, so yeh. What i will do (later in time) i will have the extra characters, such as the New Bonnie and that extra Fox with makeup, also Faceless Bonnie and the rest of the animatronics. Just think of it as if i were to have my modern FNAF characters, but ill add the new ones with them, as if they all met in the same world, lol sounds confusing right? ill make it clear (Crossovers). i hope you enjoy the comic, i know... its pretty short. im continuing with the original FNAF characters and i wont change their appearances either so dont worry, i love my Fazbear Crew. ^^
Bonnie Doodles - FNAF by Sega-HTF
Bonnie Doodles - FNAF
Before i start, just want to say sorry about the lighting, the purple didnt seem to stand out for some reason. Ive tried everything. _.

Right! so here are some more doodles, this time its Bonnie the Bunny. He wore a black suit before, but i decided to add a more brighter color and given him him red converse shoes to look like he was made to entertain the children. If you tell me, his outfit color kinda reminds me of the Bonnie from FNAF 2, but he isnt.
This Bonnie isnt nice nor that friendly when hes not performing with Freddy and friends. Hes more of the "quiet and doesnt seem to care" guy. He has a negative attitude and he hates the security guard. Hes also strict and he loves to critisize other people, not to mention what happens if you piss him off. Karma gets him back sometimes lol, he deserves it doe. So yup, i had fun drawing him, even though hes my least favorite character in the game, because im quite scared of him :/ maybe its cause he has no eyebrows. That reminds me! This Bonnie has eyebrows by the way. Its funny to see him in different expressions and head angles, thought i wouldnt be able to do it, but somehow i find my way around things. Enjoy! ^^ ill have Freddy and Chica done soon X3
The Best Game Over by Sega-HTF
The Best Game Over
Sometimes i wish the game could end like this... Hehe X3, well, sure perhaps im not the only one who wants to get a game over like this. i know there are some of you out there that just want to let Foxy in lol and no, i dont mean it like that XD. I actually have my own theory about him, ive always thought, maybe the reason why Foxy runs in and doesnt slowly walk in the office, like the other animatronics is cause i assume he wants to make sure if youre okay. He probably notices that youre not responding to the camera at the cove, so thats when he starts to move and check up on you to see the reason why youre not on the camera, thinking that you might have gotten killed by the others. Foxy probably just wants to see if youre safe, my guess is he tries to say something when he barges in the office, but his voice doesnt work, so instead of trying to communicate with the security (you), he accidently scares him (you) to death, causing the other animatronics to take you and stuff you in that suit.

Well, i think  i said enough, but yeah even though i find Foxy to be loyal and trustworthy, i never let the poor guy in when i played the game :( its for the best. Lol hope you enjoy the comic, more soon. ^^
On Vacation by Sega-HTF
On Vacation
The Fazbear Crew decide to take a little break from working both day and night shifts. So now theyre just cutting loose at the beach, having themselves a few drinks or more. The only thing theyre going to have to worry about is getting too close to the waves.
I added numbers in the text bubbles, so you can know the correct order. I'll have more drawings done soon, probably by this week or so. :3

Btw, my version of the crew are a little different from the actuall game.

Freddy: Fat & Short
Chica : Slim & taller than Freddy
Bonnie: Average & taller than Chica
Foxy: Slim & the Tallest
Freddy as Mr. Baldy from FB by Sega-HTF
Freddy as Mr. Baldy from FB
Oh no! Freddy is dropping the mic :o
Lol, not sure what i was thinking XD oh, right, so a couple of my friends and i hang out and chat a lot on Facebook Messenger, and they go crazy when it comes to using the stickers in the chat. So they usually spam this guy name Mr. Baldy. Dont know who he is, but my friends love using the sticker where hes holding a blue hankie. I was just so curious to see what would happen if i made a FNAF character do the same. I have to say, i wasnt dissapointed ^^
  • Mood: Excited
I'm still here and I'm not going anywhere :)
Just wanted to let you all know about the days I will most likely submit my artwork. Now, due to school and homework I get sorta busy, but I will tell you this, it doesn't get in my way, because I actually have free days and those free days is when I take the advantage to draw. We'll I don't want to keep you waiting, so it does take a while for me to get 1 drawing done if I want it to be completely finished doe. Anyone who is expecting any new work, I'll be posting them up 2 times each week, they might be at random days, but I'll pretty much have them submitted on Tuesdays and Fridays, so mostly check Tue and Fri. Sometimes I'll be able to submit 2 in one day. Well, that's pretty much all I wanted to say today, this is just incase anyone is wondering when are the days I will try to submit my work. Oh and expect something to be up tomorrow

Gtg now, those drawings aren't going to draw themselves you know XD see ya!


Sega-HTF's Profile Picture
Mauricio aka Sega
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Umm, idk I love the internet, if it wasn't for that, Idk where I would be right now lol.

I'm a furry and before u ask, yes, I like yiff of course and I also draw some, but that's rare doe. I'm known as a (vulpine) which is a Fox, and yeh I know cause I've tried various tests and I always end up with vulpine.

Drawing is probably the only skill I have lol, whether it comes to mostly anything that I find interesting on the internet, if I like it, I'll draw it and yeh, whatever I draw, I won't have to copy it again cause for some reason I'll have it memorized. I don't draw exactly what I see doe, I draw things my way, as if I was changing the words on an essay. And perhaps I'll start taking advantage and use them as crossovers with other characters or characters I've created, I also use them for comedy just to make people or myself laugh cause that's what I like to do ;) But yeh, just name a thing and I'll probably say, "yeh I've drawn that before."

I own a PS3 but so far I haven't been going online as much as I used to, don't get me wrong, I love video games but not many of us are active and we don't usually play anymore as we used to. So yeh it's pretty boring, I should probably get a PC one day or another console, only time will tell.

TBH! I'm a nerd and I don't mean a smart ass, I'm into a lot of nonsense and things that people don't find important at all, sometimes I collect things whether it's Characters from video games, or anything that's furry related or reffered to a popular tv show or perhaps something from the internet, I would cosplay one day if I ever save money, conventions are awesome depending what kind they are, and yeh a fursuit would be nice thank you.

Overall, I like to go out with friends, when I have money, socializing is legit whether it's irl or the internet, and I don't have a girlfriend right now and I don't plan on getting one soon, unless she's a furry and she's interested in me doe but that will probably never happen.

I don't smoke, I'm not a potty either, sorry, and I hate hot cheetoes, but if u decide to invite me for a few drinks, that's acceptable. Be warned! I gain too much confidence and I'll never shut up lol I'll turn into happy person with love and a passion for fun.

Anyway, I'm loving life right now and so far it's been doing the same to me, which is loving me back, so yup I'm just an average person with a crazy ass fantasy running around my head, hopefully I can bring it out soon.

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